Arturo / La straniera


Theater an der Wien

“When American tenor Norman Reinhardt rises above his baritonal middle register, he possesses a light, accomplished, and well rounded metallic voice, having no problem in the higher tessitura consistently creating the desired colors and effects……… Hopefully we will hear more from this tenor in the future, one could well imagine.”
Der Neue Merker, January 2015

“Reinhardt possesses a slim, youthful tenor, with an effortless negotiation of Bellni’s high notes. From the beginning he effectively plays a torn, suicidal man constantly quarreling with himself and the world between two women.”
Salzburger Nachrichten, January 2015

“Norman Reinhardt conveys Arturo’s restlessness in a theatrically sensitive way. He is a physically impressive tenor that sings into the top with slim, intrepid height and clarity, which is exactly what we want to hear in Italian opera from the early 19th century.”
Die Presse, January 2015

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